A project for The Danish Industry Foundation. 
My responsibilities/actions were:
UX/UI development
Design Thinking
Conceptual Design
Process redesign
User journeys
Design Mock-ups and specifications for solutions
Prototyping of web solution, app, and VR app
Training of internal staff in HTML5, Motion Design, and CSS
Contributed with VR studio and 3D assets for Virtual Stage
Developed VR and AR assets for VR, AR, MR, and WebAR and several online SoMe films for the client

SoMe production for Virsabi. Presentation of all their products
An example of the 3D training I participated in for Industriens Fond.It is a series of three broadcasts about the most important parts to be aware of when developing 3D models of your products.It can be both for 3D visualization and for production.
A virtual TV production we developed from Carl Hansen furniture.The main character sits in a real chair, but in a virtual studio where furniture, windows, and curtains are all animated in Unreal Engine and shown on Virsabi's large LED back wall.I was involved in the 3D development of furniture and studio in Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine
Another example from Kvik kitchen sitting in a Virtual studio. Table and chairs are real and the rest is virtua
From the same series. Here is a virtual studio for Takt Møbler. An assembly guide for their Plinth furniture
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