DSB train drivers must carry three folders with the manual for each trainset. All updates in the manual must be delivered by mail and inserted in the folder by hand. Risk of old data and no control over the content being read.
The solution was a combined class and online training module for all the staff on the train.
Our user research confirmed the need for knowledge and on-the-spot help through video, sound signals, and intelligent text search.
All new staff was trained in small groups and tested in each step of the LMS ( learning management system). All minor updates were online training including multiple-choice tests. We developed a feedback system to monitor how the content is understood and how the user interface in the cockpit is interpreted.
My role was a team leader, UI/UX designer, and program manager. I made a team of programmers, education specialists and including train drivers and service personnel from DSB.
All drawings were made in Adobe Illustrator based on the train manufacturer Ansaldo Bredas CAD drawings.
After a year we have made a solid system containing training and daily use for all the staff groups. The system is later used in several train systems within DSB.
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